News from Iceland – May 2017

One of my favorite things about commuting back and forth between Seattle and Copenhagen is flying through Iceland. And whenever I stop at the Keflvìk airport, I pick up The Reykjavìk Grapevine – an English language newspaper.

Here’s what’s been going on in Iceland in May:

  • a hiker broke his leg when he was mowed down by a small avalanche on Esja mountain
  • a travel journalist lost his hat
  • an illegally imported cat was euthanized
  • there is no malt liquor in Iceland, so don’t bother looking
  • the Icelandic language (which sounds so lovely to a foreign ear) is in danger of becoming extinct!

And finally:

  • reportedly, the news of a unicorn on an Icelandic farm is FALSE. It turns out it was just a one horned ram


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