The Final Countdown – 14 days to go

I have exactly two weeks left now, before I become a resident of Denmark. Dave will be following about two weeks later, so a lot of the house stuff will be left for him to finish up. But since I’ve been the project manager of this move, I still have to get all the ducks in a row, before I can hand everything over.

This morning we went back to the house. All the estate sale stuff is on display (where was it hiding all these years?!). One room holds all our things ready for shipment, under lock and key. We’ve purged all our belongings to about 200 cubic feet. Split that between the four of us and we each get 50 cubic feet. That’s so minimalistic.

However, Dave’s still holding on to friends’ things and family’s things and these need to be handed over before the movers show up in a couple of days. I also repacked my actual suitcase I’m brining on the plane with me, and decided to ship some of the things I initially planned on bringing with me.

I left Dave to it. I’ve done my time at the house, while he was on a weeklong trip to Denmark (just got back the day before), so now it’s his turn.

I took my car to the car wash. That car has been so neglected…  Later I went by Fred Meyer’s to get car cleaning supplies and ran into one of my kids’ former teachers. I told him we’re moving to Denmark and he didn’t seem surprised. He said that it sounded like a good move.

A barbecue at our friends’, Megan and Collin’s, was the perfect end to this day. I was so relaxed, I started biting my nails again.

I will miss our friends so much.

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