The Final Countdown – 7 days to go

7 days to go

In the morning we head out to the house. The estate sale ended the day before. I expect to see piles of junk everywhere – a reminder of what a bunch of useless stuff we’ve accumulated over the years. When we get there, the house is completely empty. Everything is gone. There are some items still piled up in the car port. I am cautiously optimistic. Does this mean that almost everything sold or that the estate sale people made an early dump run? Hard to say. Haven’t heard from them yet. No idea if we made money or lost money. All I know is that our stuff is gone.

I run a few errands with my son, William. He needs to sell a few things at Game Stop and needs an adult with him to cash out. Later we go clothes shopping for him.

In the afternoon I go by my friend, Marissa’s, place. She will be hosting a going-away party for us on Saturday. I keep my involvement to a minimum. I approve all her ideas and we drink this alcoholic drink that tastes exactly like water. It’s low-carb.

In the evening I meet up with a few friends at one of our favorite pubs in Seattle. Jolly Roger’s has a great beer selection and some really good food. They also allow children, which is something that rates this place highly for us.

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