In the morning the floor guys showed up to refinish the hardwood floors at our – now “old” – house.

I completed an inventory of what we are shipping to Europe and forwarded it to Rainier Overseas Movers. They told me we had more stuff than what the estimator estimated. I’m not exactly shocked.

I received yet another form to fill out. This one is an Entry Form for moving to Denmark. I’ve lost track long ago of all the forms I’ve already filled out.

In the evening Ellena and I went to visit our friend, Ragna. Ragna is Icelandic, so she’s a great resource for understanding the Nordic mind. We drank lots of wine in the garden until it got too dark. Apparently, that’s what Scandinavians do. They only sleep when it’s dark out (from October through March). Otherwise, they sit outside and entertain, a lot.

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