The Final Countdown – 6 days to go

When we decided to leave United States I was hoping that we could manage to have my daughter, Ellena, come with us. But apparently, once you’re over 18 you are no longer considered a dependant.

Since my departure day is coming up so soon, Ellena and I are trying to spend more time together. Today we went to the Olympus Spa.

I’ve been to a few spas in my day and the Olympus is by far and away the BEST spa anywhere. It’s inexpensive, unpretentious, clean, comfortable, women-only, and the general admission gets you into enough pools and lots of different hot and cool rooms to fill an entire day. Oh, it also has a tea room and a Korean restaurant on the premises, where you can go and eat while wearing a robe.

There are two locations near Seattle. One is south (Tacoma) and one is north (Lynnwood) of the city. Both are just slightly too far to be super convenient for regular visits. But I’ve been going to both locations for years and will definitely miss having access to this place. I’m sure there will be spas in Denmark, but most likely not Korean ones.

Ellena and I spent a very nice and relaxing day here. We left feeling refreshed and really clean.

In the evening Dave and I had a date night. We grabbed some food and beers and then went to see Wonder Woman. I love seeing women kick ass, but left feeling disappointed with the movie. Sure, it’s nice to see a woman lead an action film for once, but it was still an action film. Formulaic and full of Hollywood tropes. Ah, baby steps, Hollywood.


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