My friend, Jeff, arrived today from Pennsylvania, but everyone thinks he’s from New Jersey. That’s because he used to live in Jersey. And so did I. But that was a long, long, long time ago.

I’m so glad he made it out here in time to see me off. Last time Jeff came to visit me in Seattle was over twenty years ago! Good god, where has all that time gone?

Today I picked up some stuff for the going-away party I’m having in a few days (or rather, my friend Marissa is having for me; but I’m trying to help!) and took my doggies to the vet for their last, pre-flight, check-up. They got a clean bill of health, but the paperwork stressed me out. It had to be FedExed to the regional USDA office right away. Hopefully it’s all just a formality now.

In the evening we celebrated my friend, Lisa’s, birthday. Nicole and Luis came over and Nicole and I took Lisa to a bar to distract her while the guys (with the help from the next door neighbor) made dinner and unveiled the teak table Micah got for Lisa. Megan and Collin joined us later. The night was warm and very pleasant and I didn’t even mind all that much when one of the kids spilled an entire bottle of red wine on my dress. We all got temporary tattoos and ate cauliflower tacos.

I’m feeling sad about leaving.


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