Everything’s accelerated now. The guy’s who’s doing our sewer scoping on the house is calling while I’m talking to the woman who’ll be in charge of deep-cleaning. I’m also making arrangements for Bixby, our cat, who’ll be flying out at the end of the month with my husband and my son.

But I have a long list of things I won’t be able to get to before I leave. I feel bad about dumping so much on Dave, but that’s what happens when the departure date is moved more than two weeks earlier than originally planned.

This evening my friend Jeff takes Dave and me out to the restaurant at the Space Needle. I tried to dissuade him from doing this. The Space Needle is so touristy and the restaurant has a reputation for being mediocre and ridiculously expensive. But Jeff insisted and now I’m glad he did. The views from up there are incredible. The restaurant spins (slowly) and throughout the evening we get to see the city and the Sound from our table. The sky is dramatic and there is even a rainbow. The food isn’t bad either.



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