Mochi & Cosmo Have Arrived!

I’m writing this post in a Word document, because we still don’t have internet at the house. I got a modem that I tried plugging in, but although it turns on, there is no signal. The directions are entirely in Danish. I called the help line and the recording was also speaking to me in Danish. I pressed 1 until a human got on the line. The woman who took my call was puzzled by my problem and suggested I plugged it in wrong. So I unplugged it and plugged it in again. When it still didn’t work, she said she’ll have someone call me back. This was yesterday. When no one called, either yesterday or today, I called again and again got a human on the phone and this human told me that they’ll send out a technician. The technician is coming tomorrow, between 8 am and 4 pm.

And now for the good news: Mochi and Cosmo arrived! The guy who brought them to the house, pulled up in a van and when I answered the door, he said:

“I have a dog for you.”

I was like: WTF! I have two dogs! TWO!

He saw me starting to freak out and said:

“Don’t worry. There are two dogs….”

They were both unusually quiet when we got them out of their kennels. They sniffed the house and then went poop in the back yard. Nani and I scooped up six large piles. Poor pups had to hold it from Seattle to Frankfurt and apparently from Frankfurt to Copenhagen. I was told that they got walks in Frankfurt, but may have been too stressed out to go potty.

So they’re with us now and this move feels a lot more real with them here.


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