Living on the Floor

Here’s a first world problem: living in a beautiful home, but without any furniture.

I walk through this house often and imagine how I will decorate it (once Dave arrives and we tally up how much money we have left after paying for everything; our Seattle home will soon be on the market, but the funds from that sale won’t be arriving for a while).

My dogs run around the living room, through the family room, the hallway, kitchen, dining room and through the living room again. There is an echo in every room. When I’m home, if I’m not doing laundry or cooking, or working out in the garden, the only place I can really hang out is on one of the bar stools I got a few days ago. It’s much more comfortable than sitting on the stairs…

Nani and I go to furniture stores almost every day, in order to sit on couches. You don’t realize what luxury it is to have a couch until you don’t have one.

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