My Top (and Not) Three List for June

I arrived in Denmark on June 11 and have been here for a little over two weeks now. I decided to take stock of what I’ve been most, and least, pleased with.

Things I’ve been loving about Denmark this month:

  1. The weeds (not to be confused with just “weed”) – weeds are hard to love, I know, but I noticed that the Danes love them. Weeds are growing on every lawn and through every sidewalk. Which means no one is spraying weed killer. The gardens are well-tended and pretty, but weeds are allowed. I haven’t seen a pristine lawn anywhere. I do love it.
  2. The food – I shop for food almost every day. We eat things that are fresh, in season, and mostly organic. Everything is delicious. I’m even enjoying cooking (if you know me, you know how unlikely it is for me to admit!). I don’t throw any food out, because I don’t over buy. I hope we can maintain this even with all four of us here.
  3. The buses – they are punctual, frequent and comfortable. Where trains don’t go, buses do. There’s hardly a street anywhere in the city or in the outskirts that is not connected by bus.

Things I haven’t taken a shine to:

  1. The wind – it’s always windy. If you’re by the coast the wind is absolutely insane, but even further inland, where we live, the winds can be very strong. Whenever I mention the crazy wind, I get: “Welcome to Denmark” in return. I think this is the norm.
  2. The recycling pick up – I still haven’t seen the recycling truck come by. I’m starting to get annoyed, because I have boxes sitting in the basement, just waiting to make it over to the recycling bin out front. As soon as it’s emptied….
  3. The product organization at Netto – Netto is a grocery store. It’s a chain (there’s one in just about every neighborhood) and it’s considered a “discount” store. The prices are decent and I shop there often. What really gets me is this: I don’t understand how it’s organized! Why is ketchup next to q-tips? Why is mayonnaise found in three different isles? Why is some ice cream in one isle, next to frozen salmon and other ice cream in a different isle next to frozen pizza? Does “discount” mean you just thow things wherever there is room? Apparently so…

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