It’s Been One Month

I’ve been in Denmark for one full month now and here’s where things stand:

  • I’ve been wearing a sweater just about every day. Except for a very brief “hot” spell (it got into the upper 70s), it’s been chilly and rainy! Even Seattle isn’t this rainy in the summer! The weather is pretty much like a decent May or a lousy June in Seattle. But whereas in Seattle we look forward to July, August and September, here I’m not sure if summer is ever coming!
  • We now have a table and chairs. I also invested in a file cabinet, a desk and a desk chair. Still no couch, but we got a rug for the living room floor, so that the dogs have somewhere to lie down (the cat peed on their dog bed and Dave had to take it to the dump – on his bike). We’re still sleeping on cots though, and I’m starting to think that back pains are just a natural sign of aging.
  • It took us many trips to the bank and many phone calls to figure out how to activate our bank accounts and log into them. The security here is unbelievable! Your password changes every time you log in and there’s a booklet you get with codes that you need to follow. I was so frustrated with this, until I realized that once I learn the system it really will be a much more secure way to bank.
  • I now have a residence card and the yellow CPR card! The color of the CPR card is yellow, but the status is pure gold…  This baby will get me to the doctor, all public associations, libraries, language classes, etc. We will now be able to get a real phone plan (not just the pre-paid SIM cards we’ve had until now) and after a couple of years I’ll be getting paid for having children!
  • I still haven’t seen a homeless person.
  • I haven’t seen a house, sitting empty, in a foreclosure ( while its former owners are living – homeless – in the carport).
  • I haven’t heard any gun shots.
  • I haven’t been asked for spare change (oh, wait! Except that one time…  Nani and I were eating at the train station and an Eastern European guy – judging by his accent – came up to us and said he just spent all his money on a ticket back home and could we spare some money so that he could buy food. He was all clean and dressed up nice and confused me for a second, until I realized he was panhandling).
  • I haven’t been eating out a lot (too expensive).
  • I haven’t had a bad cup of coffee (I learned my lesson during my trip here in February. As long as I stay away from Espresso House, I’m okay).
  • Despite walking everywhere, I still haven’t lost any weight (because of all the amazing pastries I inhale nearly every day!).
  • I don’t miss our old house. It was too big and the yard was too big too! This house is the mini version of our old one. Except that the kitchen is a lot bigger. I like it much more.
  • I miss my Seattle friends. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t wish that they were here. This place is pretty much perfect, except for that…
  • I learned you can order things on Amazon UK. A package just arrived. The packaging is weirdly minimalist and more compact. Why is it so overkill in the US?! They obviously CAN and DO ship things without wasting all that cardboard and bubble wrap.
  • My recycling has finally been picked up!

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