Autumn Is Coming

Yes, it’s still August, but here in Denmark the general consensus is that summer is pretty much over and that this is “the best it’s going to get.” School starts on Monday, and yet the weather has been pretty good. However, I am told that “two more weeks of this – tops – so enjoy it.”

In fact, it has been much nicer in August than it was in July. So far, this week at least, most of the days have been beautiful and warm. I guess summer decided to go out with a bang.

It feels more and more like fall though. Dave got an apple press and a hard cider making kit. We have an apple tree in the back yard, which drops between 50 and 100 apples each and every day! Since the end of June, it’s been dropping apples like crazy! Where do all these apples come from?! Although – according to my calculations – it already dropped over 4000 apples (how is that even possible?), the entire tree is pregnant with fruit. And we’re ready to birth some hard cider!

Oh! Here’s some exciting news for all of you potential future house guests! There’s a good chance we have ghosts here. There might be some at the house, although I cannot guarantee a sighting. There have been a few times that doors have been found open when they were supposed to be closed and when I confronted my kids and my husband they all denied leaving them open. The only explanation I can come up with is that they’re either not being truthful or we have ghosts!


Last night I was at a meeting with a few people from our street. We’re planning a street party for the beginning of September and I gladly accepted an invitation to join the planning committee. Well, at this meeting we started talking about all the history on our street. It’s very interesting. This area was very active in the ani-Nazi movement during World War II and many families on our street had safe houses for the Jews. Apparently, there is a secret door between two houses (all our houses are duplexes) and one of the neighbors discovered a secret room in the garage!

So exciting!

After covering some of the history, we started talking about the ghosts that allegedly live on our street. But, according to one of my neighbors, there is nothing alleged about it. She’s convinced she shares her home with the woman who used to live there and passed away in the house.

Teenagers on our street have many stories of creepy sightings as well. Someone suggested we employ a spiritual medium to visit all the homes, so that we can map all the hot spots and post them on our website.

That sounds like an awesome autumn project!


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