Copenhagen Street Food, Don’t Go!

In a structurally questionable warehouse in (more or less) central Copenhagen is a foodie mecca. Under one roof there are almost 40 stalls serving food (both sweet and savory) and drinks (smoothies, fresh juices, espresso drinks, and of course plenty of alcohol) from all over the world.


Here you will find Danish food (hot dogs and open-faced sandwiches), Asian food, American food, Mexican food, African food, Middle-Eastern food, Italian food, Brazilian food, English food, and plenty of sweet food.

Don’t call this a food court though. Copenhagen Street Food is above and beyond a “food court”. It takes up most of the Paper Island close to many of the tourist areas (a little island to which you can walk over a little bridge). It won a bunch of awards for being excellent. It has a mission statement (“genuine, honest and aesthetic”). It has its own currency.

There’s even a Yoko Ono art installation outside.


The food here is delicious, relatively inexpensive, and the atmosphere is fantastic. On a nice day people sit outside by the water and at night you can build a fire – there are bins here for that.


There is, however, one problem. Copenhagen Street Food is located in a prime real estate area. Paper Island is a short walk from Christanshavn (the area that looks a lot like Amsterdam) and a short walk from Nyhavn (if you’ve seen pictures of Copenhagen, you most likely have seen Nyhavn. That’s where all the old colorful buildings are. That’s the Copenhagen’s version of Pike Place Market). It’s across the water from the Royal Danish Playhouse.  So, it’s prime. So prime that the city has been trying to boot out these loosely assembled booths and food trucks for years. Now, it seems like they may have succeeded. 😦

Nani and Ellena at Copenhagen Street Food

If you’d like to experience Copenhagen Street Food in its current incarnation, I strongly recommend getting here by December 31, 2017. It will close on that date. Permanently? Maybe. It’s still mostly a rumor (I tried looking for a confirmation on their website, but didn’t find it), but apparently, they will move location. Where to? No one knows.


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