Better Safe Than Sorry

I’m in Seattle. Arrived, by the skin of my teeth, safely and almost on time. Getting here, however, was not easy.


My flight out of Copenhagen was at 10:55 am and I was flying through London on British Airways. That’s Terminal 2, if you need to know. Well, just as I got to the airport, around 8 am (responsibly well ahead of my flight), Terminal 2 was being evacuated due to “an incident”. 

At first, we waited outside and no one was able to tell us anything. Later, I decided to go inside and look at the departures board, which would tell me more than the smiling and pleasant, but information-deficient airport employees.


There was a lot of information about other flights, but mine (BA813 to London/Lhr) remained blank for hours… When it finally showed where to check-in I bolted!

I stood in line, with some very annoying Americans from Texas (oh god…. Why do I have to be reminded how arrogant and intrusive Americans can be! These are not my people… People from Seattle would never ask complete strangers personal questions, pretend they know more about European history than the guy from Sweden and yell at some stranger who was taking too long getting his boarding pass) for over an hour, lost my Columbia jacket that I’ve had for almost six years, along with my plastic toiletries baggie and then was grilled at passport control about why I was shaking (FYI: because it was 11:50 and my one hour delayed flight was now due to take off at 11:55).

Oh, adventures in flying…

British Airways was nice though. Everyone had a cool accent and the kept saying “cheers”. They also served us complimentary dinner (free beer and wine) and then “tea”. Tea is pretty cool because you don’t even need to drink any tea to enjoy it. Just have a sandwich and a scone with clotted cream. I think I’d like to visit England soon.

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