Our Stuff is Here!

After nearly four months on the high seas, braving icebergs and hurricanes, everything we packed up and shipped out back in Seattle, at the end of May, finally made its way to Copenhagen.

I was very eager for all this stuff! Mostly my warm clothing. And some shoes. And the giant tub of my favorite glue. But now that I started to unpack it…

Let’s just say, give or take, there are 80 boxes here. I started to open them up and got through three so far. And already I’m running out of places to put everything.

There are things, even all the “sentimental” things, that will need to go. Do I really need seven Buddha statues? I’m not even a Buddhist. What about framed pictures of all my kids, from most grades? Also, I packed candle holders. I forgot all about that and went out and bought candle holders here. So now we have so many candleholders, if we were to lose electricity, our house would still be lit up like the Versailles.

Our house in Seattle was probably twice as big as our house is in Copenhagen. I like the compactness of it. It’s cozy and there’s less to clean. At least it was before all this stuff arrived. Now it’s just crowded.

I need to get rid of things. I need to find a charity that picks up.




  1. Ah! I’m so glad you’re commenting on these older posts! I haven’t looked at these in a long time! 🙂 Actually, I have since then pledged myself to a minimalist lifestyle. I got rid of so much stuff! I’ve Konmaried the shit out of my life and took it a step further (even if I love it, but not all that much, off it goes!)


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