How Soon Is Now

Fall is here, which means…  It’s back to school time!!!

I am so excited because finally, I start school on Monday. It’s been a long process, getting into my free (if you’re good) Danish classes.

All foreigners, as long as they’re legal residents with a CPR number, are entitled to ‘free’ language classes in Denmark. Only, you do have to pay a deposit of 1250 krone (about $200). This is refundable if you pass the class. If you fail, or if you get kicked out for not attending, you lose your deposit.

I had a consultation interview last week and managed to get myself into the highest level of classes. Which is good, because I would’ve been disappointed if, despite my eagerness and proclamations of how much I love homework, they put me in anything less than that!

There are three levels of classes, with levels 2 and 3 being divided into two sublevels.

Level 1 is for foreigners who had limited education in their home countries and are only interested in learning basic conversational Danish.

Level 2 is for foreigners who finished high school or an equivalent and would like to have a beyond basics knowledge of the language. Level 2 is also subdivided into an “au pair” classes (presumably for au pairs) and regular classes.

Level 3 is for foreigners who have a college degree or are especially good at learning foreign languages. These classes are divided into regular (8 classes per week) and intensive (12 classes per week).

I know, this makes me look like a real nerd, but I got into the intensive class! Woo-hoo!!!! I’ll be taler dansk in no time at all!

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