Oh, Thank Heaven

When you live in the United States, what do you think of when you think of 7-Eleven? Big gulp? Bad coffee? Flavored artificial creamers? Horrible fast food that seems to be sitting under a heat lamp for days?

In Denmark, there is a chain store that bears the 7-Eleven name and emblem – it even has the same color scheme on its signs! – but it does not resemble an American 7-Eleven, at all.

If you’re a raw foodist, or strictly Paleo, or have a gluten-free diet, 7-Eleven is the place to go! Stacked with Paleo shots, fresh protein snacks, and fresh smoothies, this 7-Eleven resembles more a mini Whole Foods than any 7-Eleven I’ve ever been to in America.

You don’t have to be on a special diet to enjoy 7-Eleven either. I come here for the amazing selection of sandwiches, made on rustic freshly baked bread, or one of their fantastic pastries. Also, many stores have a counter, where you can sip your cappuccino (no, not one of those powder – just add water – ones).

Why are the 7-Elevens so nice here? Does anyone know?

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