Book Review: Blondinens hemmelighed

Blondinens hemmelighed (The Blonde’s Secret) by Kirsten Kirch

WARNING: This review contains spoilers.

The description on the back of this book begins with:

“Ina is young, light-haired and maybe a little naive.”

Maybe?!!!!?! That’s an understatement. Ina is naive with a capital N (so, that would be Naive). Or, better yet, let’s just put the entire word in caps! (NAIVE)

Her bae (little known fact: in Danish ‘bae’ means ‘poop’), Michael, is a loser and a junkie, but he has deep dark eyes and black clothes, so… So, he manages to convince Ina that his family is evil and unsupportive (when she meets them they appear ordinary and kinda sweet). He’s in school, sure, but he’s suffering from all kinds of aches and pains that prevent him from supporting himself and now he’s in debt (what debt? With the student allowance and free healthcare, Michael should be fine) and needs to get money somehow.

He tells Ina that the only thing that can save him now is insurance fraud. She refuses at first, but then he looks into her eyes, deeply, and her resolve crumbles away.

The plan is for her insured purse (who insures their purses? Oh god, should I insure my purse?!) to be ‘stolen’ and for her to file a claim (claiming the purse was full of cash, the newest iPhone, and jewels). All she has to do is to sit down in an outdoor cafe, with the purse on the table and for Michael to run up and grab it and run away with it. And then she’ll yell ‘thief!’. To attract witnesses, just to document the incident, to put in the police report, so that she can then file a claim.

Well, this crime duo’s plan isn’t so solid, given they never consider the possibility that someone might actually run after the ‘thief’.

Need I say more? The plan doesn’t go as planned.

  • Number of words I had to look up: 100 (but that’s because I’m forgetful; some of these words I looked up before)
  • Would I recommend this book to a friend: I don’t know…  I’m getting a little tired of books about naive young women and bad guys named Michael

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