Aarhus – it only looks far on the map

Aarhus (or Århus) is Denmark’s second largest city. At 269,000 people though, you can’t really compare it to Portland (Portland has over 600,000 inhabitants, so size wise it’s actually more like Copenhagen – Denmark’s largest city). Anyways, Dave and I were comparing it to Portland (as in Aarhus is to Copenhagen, what Portland is to Seattle). That’s what we do because we’re from Seattle.


It takes almost three hours to get from Copenhagen to Aarhus (about the same amount of time as it takes from Seattle to Portland) and I haven’t been there before. But Dave has, so he suggested we make it a day trip.



We left the kids and the dogs and the cat and pretended to be free to do as we please adults for one day (I had two beers during the day and then got a to-go little bottle of wine for the train ride back!).


Spring finally made its appearance (about time too, Spring. Tomorrow is the start of April!) and the day was very sunny and pleasant. I still wore fleece lined leggings underneath my pants, long winter boots and my gigantic goose down, fur-lined, coat, but sometimes it felt warm enough to unzip it.


We didn’t have a whole lot of time in Aarhus, so I didn’t get in touch with anyone that I know who lives there. We visited Den Gamle By (the old town museum, which resembles the open-air museum that’s in our neighborhood in Lyngby) and then we went to ARoS, Aarhus’s modern art museum. That museum was fantastic and it deserves its own blog entry! (as does Den Gamle By)


The city itself…


I loved it immediately! It is a wonderful fusion of the very old and the extremely new architecture. Winding cobblestone streets, and little hobbit houses next to cutting-edge modern designs. It’s an amazing place and a beautiful place and I look forward to visiting it again (this time I want to go for an overnight because that’s a lot of time spent on the train for a one day trip).

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